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Copper is commonly used in lighting, but I didn't realize that there are so many stories about it.

2019-09-12 10:35:38

  Copper is called "red gold" in ancient times. Its color is the same as gold. It is the earliest smelting metal in the world. Although it is not as valuable as gold and silver, nor as refined and elegant as porcelain, it is inherently closely related to people's daily life. Huang Tingjian, a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, once wrote a poem "Sending Wang Guanfu with an ancient bronze pot", in which he wrote, "Love the style of the ancients and give them to you." One of the "ancient pots" is the copper pot.

  History and Culture of Copper

  As early as three or four thousand years ago, our copper smelting and manufacturing technology has reached a fairly high level. In ancient China, bronze ware was used in noble life and as a symbol of identity. Bronze ware is also used by nobles for feasting and offering sacrifices in ancestral temples. It is an important part of Chinese culture with exquisite craftsmanship and skilled technology.

  The Function and Characteristic of Copper

  Copper has good anti-corrosion, anti-impact and other characteristics. Its appearance is like gold. It gives people a noble and heavy feeling. It can be used as sculpture material, interior decoration and so on.

  Contemporary Copper Art

  Zhu Bingren, the father of contemporary Chinese copper architecture, works Leifeng Copper Tower, standing on the edge of the West Lake, shining golden. It makes use of the characteristics of copper material, such as sunproof, corrosion resistance and noble appearance. Through his ingenious design and excellent technology, people can appreciate the new grandeur of Leifeng Tower.

  The world-renowned G20 Summit venue in Hangzhou also uses bright copper as the wall top and wall interior, making the venue exquisite and atmospheric, brilliant and elegant.

  Copper reliefs are used on the top of the building. A big dragon covers the center, and beside it are reliefs of some dragons. They should be the dragons in the middle. There are also Huizi and Xiangyun patterns carved on it, the whole top design is exquisite, amazing.

  Contemporary copper lamp

  Every copper lamp is also the crystallization of the brass lamp artist's work and wisdom. The birth of a good copper lamp requires not only high quality and high content of copper raw materials, but also decades of experience and vision accumulated by the brass lamp master in every process of sand turning and die casting. Only in this way can the characteristics of copper material be perfectly displayed in the lamp decoration. Later polishing, spot welding and colouring, but also the need for copper lamp artists to build by hand and heart, in order to complete.

  Elton Meiji is an excellent middle and high-end lighting brand. Copper lamp products use 65 copper of high quality. Through excellent manufacturing technology and fashionable design concept, we create both high-quality and fashionable copper lamp products.

  The beauty of bronze ware lies not only in the color and value of the copper material itself, but also in the long history of bronze craftsmen who have always cherished the love of art and life, constantly explored and innovated, and in the exploration of technology, condensed artistic wisdom and pious heart.

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